Healthy Connecticut 2020 Performance Dashboard


Just as a car's dashboard provides the driver with a quick view of how the car is functioning, the Healthy Connecticut 2020 Performance Dashboard displays in a simple visual format, how the residents of Connecticut are faring in health improvement target areas such as heart disease, obesity, obtaining vaccinations, exposure to environmental risks, and many more as identified in HealthyConnecticut 2020 State Health Improvement Plan. The plan is carried out by the Connecticut State Health Improvement Coalition and seven action teams.  You can learn more at Connecticut State Health Improvement Coalition.


The Performance Dashboard is built on the concepts of Results Based Accountability™ and specifically displays:

  • Population Indicators (e.g., proportion of children in third grade who have dental decay) identify the health status of Connecticut residents for which DPH, other state and local agencies, and community partners all share responsibility.
  • Performance Measures (e.g., number of children with dental sealants) tell us whether DPH interventions that affect population indicators (e.g., proportion of children in third grade who have dental decay), are achieving objectives, and if our agency's actions are helping to improve health. 
  • Strategies -are those that DPH and its partners are using to improve health to meet targets for improvement.
  • Current Year Priority Strategies and Actions – are detailed for those strategies that were selected by the SHIP Action Teams to receive attention in the current year and were more fully developed in the form of Action Agendas.  These are linked to selected priority strategies throughout the dashboard – in the strategy section. 

The Dashboard currently displays data and information on a subset of population indicators from Healthy Connecticut 2020. Ongoing data development and implementation will continue throughout until 2020. Links to the Dashboard for each health improvement area and to relevant sections of the Plan are given in the data table.


*Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to best view the Healthy CT 2020 Dashboard.